Annual Photo Contest Rules


The photo contest is open to all mushroomers. NAMA membership is not required to enter. Images that have previously won (including honorable mention) are not eligible. Up to 15 images may be entered per person with a maximum of 6 in the Pictorial, 6 in the Documentary and 3 in the Judges Option to make a total of up to 15 images. Closing date: All entries must be received by the Contest Director on or before August 4, 2016. Allow at least one week for mailing.

Subject Material

For Pictorial and Documentary, organisms from the Myxomycota (slime molds) and the classes Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes of the Eumycota ("true fungi") are eligible. For Judge's Option, nearly anything goes, so long as the theme relates to fungi, and fungi are a key element of the photograph.

Entry Divisions


This division is for single photos that illustrate the beauty and variety of fungi in form and color.  Mushrooms should not be cut or turned over and look natural.  Judging criteria include consideration of both technical (focus, depth of field, exposure, lighting, color, absence of distracting elements) and artistic (composition, color, background, lighting) aspects.


For single photographs especially suited as illustrations in a field guide or monograph, or for use in a lecture. Emphasis is placed on portrayal of key morphological characteristics such that the usefulness of the image as an identification aid is maximized. Subjects may be shot in the field, laboratory or studio and the photographer has complete freedom to process, manipulate, or orient the specimen in any desired manner to achieve the goal. Close-ups of single features and photomicrographs are acceptable. Judging criteria will be the same as in the Pictorial category but they will be of secondary importance to the overall mycological utility of the photo. Accurate identification of the subject will be a consideration.

Judge's Option

For single photos or series which do not fit into the Pictorial and Documentary divisions.  Examples include time-lapse series, ecological relationships of fungi (e.g. fairy rings), fungi with animals, people enjoying fungi, humor, etc.


First 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be awarded in Pictorial, Documentary and Judges Option.  Honorable Mentions will also be noted for some Pictorial and Documentary photos.  Prize(s) such as mushroom books will be given to first through 3rd place winners 

Marking, Listing and Submitting Digitals

Each digital photo file name should include 3 things, D (for Documentary), JO (for Judges Option), or P (for Pictorial), and the photographer's initials, followed by the Genus and species of the fungi or the title for the Judges Option photo. Digital images may be emailed or mailed on a CD or DVD and will not be returned. Mail images to John Plischke III, 411 Center Avenue, Greensburg, PA 15601 724-832-0271 or by email  to Fungi01 [at] If emailing images, please include your name, address and phone number. Images can also be submitted using free file mailing programs such as or Dropbox, etc.

Photo of You

If possible please include a photo of yourself with your submissions, so we can use it to introduce the photographers. This is not a requirement and the photo of yourself is not counted as an entry. It has also been requested that we start to collect data on where the mushroom photo was taken. We don’t need GPS coordinates, but it would be helpful to have a city/county/park/state names to post on the website for future reference.


Entry in the contest constitutes the consent of the photographer to allow NAMA to reproduce copies of each winning image (including Honorable mention etc.) for circulation by NAMA Committees, among the membership, NAMA brochures, signs, advertising and affiliated societies. NAMA also reserves the right to post images of the winning images on the NAMA website, for use by the Marketing Committee, and in The Mycophile. All copyrights remain with the photographer.

Photography Contest Entry

To enter the NAMA photography contest, mail or email your entries to:

John Plischke III
411 Center Avenue
Greensburg PA 15601
(724) 832-0271
Email: John Plischke III