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New Video Promotes North American Mycoflora Project

The Illinois Mycological Assocation has produced a video featuring Patrick Leacock, PhD, talking about citizen science and NAMA's efforts to coordinate North American Mycoflora Project activities through our new Mycoflora Committee. Great introduction to the process and what's needed in the future!

NAMA's Mycophile: Great Stories, Pictures and More!

Mycophile Jan15 Check out the newest issue of The Mycophile, NAMA’s premier newsletter. Some of the content you will find inside: results of the 2014 NAMA photo contest; a feature on former Executive Secretary Rebecca Rader; and an article on mushroom cultivation; a story about the website Female & Fungi, and an indepth article about Tony and Leilani Rosenbaum, who named their 160-acre farm in Poplarville, Mississippi "Shroomdom."
Thanks to Editor Dianna Smith for another great issue!

Welcome Barbara Ching, PhD, our new Executive Secretary

Barbara Ching I have loved mushrooms since my grandmother first introduced me to them in their canned form—rubbery blobs swimming in a buttery liquid, heated and set on the dinner table. In Iowa, where I grew up and where I live now, wild mushrooms mean “morels” to most people. Thanks to the Prairie States Mushroom Club, I know much more about what else can be found here and how to identify those finds. I also get lots of help from the scientists at Iowa State University, where I am chair of the English department. I was so flattered last year when The Mycophile reprinted my Prairie States newsletter article about cooking with tree ears, and now I am looking forward to working with all of the mycophiles in NAMA.

NAMA Dues Change for 2015

The cost of printing and mailing The Mycophile continues to rise. NAMA spends more than twice what we charge for this service.

As of November 1, 2014, except for people who have already paid for a print membership for 2015, we will be asking for $15 per year for a hard copy black and white subscription to The Mycophile, except for subscriptions outside North Amercia, where mailing costs are even higher. This is in addition to your membership dues. This change applies to all member categories, including Lifetime members. Other dues categories were adjusted slightly. To learn more and renew your membership for 2015, or to subscribe to the newlsetter, follow this link...

NAMA is committed to the promotion of scientific and educational activities related to fungi.

NAMA supports the protection of natural areas and their biological integrity.

We advocate the sustainable use of mushrooms as a resource and endorse responsible mushroom collecting that does not harm the fungi or their habitats.